Our mission is to offer business complete automation in their eCommerce and online business. Saving them countless hours in production and helping their businesses faster and more efficient. Utilizing Software and Tools that automate their ordering and fulfillment of physical products.

Our specialists are at the heart of what makes Intelliclick what it is today. They have all our team and growing daily. We are proud of what we have accomplished and were our company it headed. Be part of a ever growing leader in Ecommerce space.

Our Promise: No request is too big or too small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us help you grow your business to new heights.

Meet Our Team

LowellCEO & Co-Founder
Lowell is a visionary and negotiator who has built multiple 8-figure companies, ranging from a retail store chain, to a marketing company (at the same time).

As CEO and Co-Founder, he’s overseen the creation and launch of multiple 7 and 8-figure eCom stores, multiple successful software programs, a wholesale business that sources and distributes millions of products through the Amazon channel, AND a few other unique businesses that are all online.

JohnMarketing Director / Co-Founder
John is our Marketing Director and Co-Founder.

He’s also a Traffic Ninja. He seriously loves thinking outside the box and the things he tries today – you end up hearing about years later.

Millions of people have seen what his creativity has mind mapped – even you. He’s an avid outdoors guy (he does live in Missouri), he’s big on family and he even plays the Bass guitar (but no singing… please no singing).

NeilCTO/CIO & Co-Founder
Neil is a creative, and innovative business builder with a passion for helping the companies he builds exceed their potential.

As the CTO/CIO, he’s responsible for long-term technology vision and the customer experience, and is responsible for the overall experience.

ReedCOO & Co-Founder
Our resident expert on manufacturing, importing, and selling physical products (particularly on Amazon), as well as corporate structure, tax planning, bookkeeping and exit strategies, Reed Larsen has over 25 years of practical experience in starting, growing, managing and selling businesses.

For the past 5 years Reed & Neil Twa have focused on Amazon and other online sales channels, building multiple successful companies in the physical products space and also teaching and coaching others in building their own dream businesses.

Heather is our CFO. She’s pretty smart with numbers and instead of pictures in her house, hangs spreadsheets. She’s an avid outdoors gal and loves all things fitness including yoga, paddle boarding, hiking, camping, hunting and so much more!! She loves to spend time with her 3 children and crazy husband. She is a smart and witty chick with an incredible creative side to her!
GregDirector of Customer Experience
Greg Bitgood is our Customer Service Manager. He has many years of experience in “online service support” and loves to help find solutions for anyone. He is an experienced teacher and leader serving for 20+ years in the online educational world. He lives in beautiful British Columbia.
CodyDirector Graphics / Web Designs
Cody is our Director of Graphics and Web Design.

He is a professional graphic designer & developer with over 15 years of experience in the field. He help to create and implements of our marketing funnels and has an eye for innovation and perfection. He always delivers top-quality results for clients and their audiences.

JoyResearch and Design
Joy is our research and design person for the team. Her background is versatile but she loves to find new ideas and see them come together for the team. In her spare time, she enjoys many things outdoors in the mountains as well as around the yard at her home. She loves being mom to her 3 kiddos and spoiling her husband of 16 years.
Yevgeniy is a full stack developer and has excellent knowledge of both front-end and back-end web-development. He’s loves challenging projects aimed at changing the market and the way people work. He also really enjoys build custom, never-before-developed web software to take on complex tasks.
AlisonGraphic Designer
Alison has been fully immersed in the web and graphic design world for over 18 years. Her education grounds her technical-know-how, however the pairing of her natural eye for design and flair for creativity is what has produced such a long list of happy clients throughout the US, Canada and overseas. She’s fun, creative, loves her family and is a proud mom of 3. Giving is her second nature and she’s a fantastic story teller.
IldaInternet Marketing
Ilda is a doer. She gets things done. She’s still learning the IM space but figuring it out fast. Public speaking and anything business is her cup of tea. She eats tasks like they are some sort of exotic chocolate salad bar (Ok, she just learns quickly).
Kevin is one of our senior web developers. He can build anything. He’s still working on the tele porter machine but hasn’t perfected that quite yet. He specializes in AngularJS and has strong experience in client-side and server-side programming languages.

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