Spy On Successful Amazon Sellers To Generate Proven Product Ideas

Spy On Successful Amazon Sellers To Generate Proven Product Ideas

When it comes to successful selling on Amazon, one of the most important places to invest a lot of time in is your product research.

The fact is, you’re researching at this stage to find the right product ideas that sell well and generate a solid return that can make or break your business.

And while we won’t be walking you through all the different research methods for finding and validating potential products…

…we will be sharing a method that can help you generate and evaluate a lot of product ideas all at once, and save you a lot of time and frustration.

Why analyze proven sellers?

Well, outside of obvious reasons, if they are selling successfully and selling a lot of different products, there is a decent chance they’ve already done most of your product research for you.

This method involves locating successful Amazon sellers that produce and sell a lot of products on Amazon.

They’re easy to find, and with the help of ASINspector Pro, they’re now easy to analyze and “spy” on to help you quickly determine if you want to compete or not.

One quick way to find them is to start on the Best-Seller Page on Amazon.com here:


From there, pick a category that interests you and start checking out the best sellers. You may also want to drill down a bit further into the subcategories.

Once you locate a category and some items you like, start looking at the company brands that are selling the items you’re looking at.

If you click into a brand page, you’ll now see every other item they sell, and that’s where you can start to see how well they are doing.

If they are a best seller with one product, there’s a good chance they may have really solid selling products in other categories too. If so, they’ve already done a lot of research for you, and they’re showing you what products are hot and selling well.

To know for sure, when you’re on their brand page, fire up ASINspector Pro and it will analyze all of their products for you.

You’ll then know what products are selling, how many units they are estimated to be selling each month, along with their estimated revenue.

You know how several product ideas are being handed to you on a silver platter, along with how successful each product is doing.

Make sure to keep track of each product that catches your attention, because you’ll then want to do deeper product research on the products that jump out to you.

And when you search for different products, do the same thing again…

…be sure to click through to the product brand pages of each one and let ASINspector Pro analyze each product.

You should start to see different products jumping out to you as prospects for your business.

Again, this is just a starting point for your product research…

…but it’s one of the fastest ways to let other people’s hard work show you where the markets are and where people are spending their money, cutting down your research time and taking the guessing out of your product ideas.

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