How To Find High Converting Amazon Buyer Keywords Fast

How To Find High-Converting Amazon Buyer Keywords Fast…

Much like Google is a search engine, Amazon is a search engine for products…

…with millions of people searching, credit card in hand, for something to buy right now.

But none of that buyer traffic matters for you as a seller…

…if no one ever finds your product listing.

Just like Google, you need to let Amazon know, via way of your description and keywords, exactly what your product is about so they know how best to serve up your listing to all of those purchase-hungry buyers.

But are your keywords really that important?

While Amazon is not completely driven by keywords, they do play an important part, especially when going up against competing products.

They are also extremely important to know for any paid advertising you plan to do, whether on Amazon, Google or Facebook.

You’ll already know your best keywords upfront, which will give you a powerful starting point, meaning you’ll spend less money on ads not having to worry about trying to figure out your keywords from scratch.

And while you may have keywords in mind for your product, you cannot rely on just yourself to come up with them…

…especially when there are tools like ASINspector that will help you discover the best converting buyer keywords for your products.

You also need to know which competitor products to focus on and which ones to ignore.

The fact is, not all product listings should be used to analyze the keywords. Just focus on the top product listings that are ranking in the top 10 or so of their Amazon category.

Once you’ve located those best sellers products, it’s time to pull their keywords.

Here are the simple steps for discovering proven, high-converting buyer keywords for your Amazon products:

1. Find Related Best-Selling Competing Products On Amazon

Let’s say that you’re interested in selling BBQ Gloves. Go to Amazon and search for “bbq gloves”:

2.  Analyze The Product Results With ASINspector Pro:

Once the search listings for BBQ Gloves are ready, fire up the ASINspector Pro Chrome extension and watch it pull all the research data for each product result.

3. Get The Keyword Data

Within a few seconds of launching ASINspector, your product search results will be ready. Once they are, simply select the KEY icon to get the product keywords associated with the product to listen you chose.

4. Review And Export The Results

Once ASINspector has finished pulling the keywords, it’s time to analyze the results.

You can also export the keyword results in a spreadsheet.

And there you have it – all of the PROVEN, CONVERTING keywords that your competition has optimized their listings for to get better Amazon ranking and sales and waiting for you.

Again, they’ve done the research to optimize their product rank so that you don’t need to.

Now you just need to go through and pull the keyword results for each product listing that you want to outrank and begin making you master list of keywords to work into your own product listings.

While writing Amazon product listings is an art unto itself and is not covered in this post, you now have the keyword foundation you need for creating your listings…

…and you also have a huge head-start on the keywords you’ll use in any paid traffic campaigns.

And the best part is that instead of the hours or even days this keyword research used to take when doing it by hand…

…all of this was done in a matter of SECONDS with ASINspector Pro.

So fire up ASINspector Pro right now and start collecting those critical buyer keywords now… that you outrank your competition tomorrow.

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