Welcome To The Shopify Jam Sessions

Welcome To The Shopify Jam Sessions

I recently held a webinar where I shared a bunch of cool things we were up to in the eCommerce space.

While the webinar was good and we talked about a lot of eCommerce models we’re running…

…what I heard from those of you that attended, over and over again, that what you really wanted to learn more about was…


Well, I heard you loud and clear, which is why I’m going to be hosting a series of trainings, all about Shopify that I’m calling:

“The Shopify Jam Sessions”

These jam sessions will be free to attend and will be packed with strategies and tactics about how to start and grow your own Shopify stores.

I’ll be inviting friends of mine (who are Shopify and eCom experts) to share their strategies with us.

While these will be pitch-free, (we’re not trying to sell you the latest course or anything like that), my hope is that you get so much value out of this Shopify series that you’ll want to learn even more, including getting hands-on help from myself and my team at our live, in-person event next month in San Diego.

And even the event itself will not be pitched during these jam sessions outside of having a link to click to learn more.

Bottom line, we want to share really valuable strategies to help you start and/or grow your own Shopify stores that you can implement immediately…

…so be sure to register for the jam sessions right now:

Jam Session #1 w/ Lowell Rempel: Shopify Advanced Setup

Jam Session #2 w/ Laura Natasha Catella: Shopify Content Expert

Jam Session #3 w/ Mohamed Ali Aguel: Sourcing, Perceived Value, Packaging and More

Jam Session #4 w/ Lowell Rempel: Risk Free, No Investment Drop-Shipping…

Jam Session #5 w/ Dimitris Skiadis: Google Paid Traffic, Analytics and More – COMING SOON!

See you there,

Lowell Rempel

CEO & Co-Founder


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