5 Simple Steps To Selling And Profiting Today With Amazon To eBay Arbitrage

5 Simple Steps To Selling And Profiting Today With Amazon To eBay Arbitrage

Have you ever purchased an item on eBay and it showed up in an Amazon box?

If so, you may have experienced Amazon to eBay arbitrage.

In simple terms, that means that the eBay seller you bought from simply fulfilled their eBay listing by buying the item on Amazon and had it shipped directly to you.

Why would they do something like that?

Well, in some cases, if they ran out of inventory, they simply found the same item on Amazon and had it sent to you instead of cancelling the auction and refunding your purchase.

However, in most cases, they knew that they could sell an item for a much higher price on eBay than it cost them to purchase and fulfil through Amazon, allowing them to make a profit without ever needing to have inventory in their possession.

For example, say they saw that Amazon was selling XYZ Widget on their site for $10 (with shipping), but the eBay entrepreneur saw that the same exact XYZ Widget was selling on eBay for $15 (with shipping).

In order to capitalize on this price difference, they set up a quick eBay listing to sell XYZ Widget for $15 as well. However, they do NOT buy the item on Amazon… yet.

Once they get a buyer for their $15 eBay listing, they go over to Amazon, buy XYZ Widget for $10, then have the item shipped directly to the buyer.

However, in order to avoid having an invoice/receipt being sent with the package, they select to send it as a Gift.

They also usually do not end up paying for shipping by joining the Amazon Prime program, which gives them free 2 day shipping*.

[*NOTE: Amazon terms of service change regularly, so please be sure to review their terms of service to verify that they permit using the Prime program in this manner.]

Once the transaction is complete, they pocket the price difference, minus and eBay/Paypal fees. This process is known as Arbitrage.

This is such a simple idea to implement that you can actually be up and running and profiting TODAY.

The tedious part though is all the manual searching back and forth between Amazon and eBay in order to find price differences that make the arbitrage worth the process.

Well, if you’ve got my ASINspector Pro, then we’ve made the process a lot easier.

Here’s how to find items for Amazon to eBay arbitrage with ASINspector Pro:

First, open up Amazon.com on your desktop and start searching for items. If you already know of certain products that you’ve seen price differences between stores, those could be great items to start your search with.

In my sample search, I’m going to use “Summer Chairs” for no other reason than it just popped into my head.

Here are my search results:

Now I click on the ASINspector extension in my browser to start analyzing the results:

Once you bring up the ASINspector results, you’ll click on the green “Compare prices with competitors” icon:

Once it opens up, it will show you price comparisons for the same and similar products on other sites.

Here are my results for one of the Summer Chair results: “StayNpro Premium Car Seat Protector”:

As you can see in the initial results, it’s showing that this item is selling on Amazon for $20, while at the same time, selling on eBay for $26.17.

That means your profit, if this is the identical item on both sites, could be $6.17 of you sell it on eBay and buy and ship it from Amazon.

You’ll also notice arrow boxes next to the eBay price. This allow you to search through other eBay listings for the same or similar items to see if you could sell it for even more, resulting in even more profit.

One thing to make note of is that this will NOT always bring up the same exact item. For example, as I hit the arrows to find new eBay listings, I come across this listing for $41.95, which would be a really nice potential profit of $21.95:

However, in looking at the title, it is unfortunately not the same item.


…just a few more clicks shows me that there is another auction for the same or similar product that is selling for $27.80, which would be a profit of $7.80.

Now, making $7.80 per item may not seem like a lot at first, but when you consider:

  • It took you a few minutes to find
  • You did NOT have to have it in your possession
  • You did NOT have to pay for it until some first paid you
  • You can ship it for free using your Amazon Prime account
  • Your customer received it within 2 days

Then factor in how many units you could sell. Would you sell one per day? 10 per day? More?

Even better, once you have your eBay listing set up, you could keep using the same exact listing over and over to sell your item.

And this was just the first search I did. I’m guessing you could easily find the listing to arbitrage where you’d make $20, $50, even $100 or more in profit… over and over again.


Please keep this in mind – prices on Amazon and eBay can fluctuate regularly, so make sure to monitor the prices on Amazon for the items you want to use for fulfilment so that you can maintain your profitability.

The bottom line though is that this method just flats out works.

How do I know?

Well, not only have I done this…

…but so have many of my friends. In fact, I have a few friends that make a 6 figure per year income doing nothing else but this method.

All they used was ASINspector Pro and some time for researching products with a great spread.

Then they took action and profited.

Here Are The 5 Simple Steps In The Process:

  1. Use ASINspector Pro to locate a product on Amazon that sells for more on eBay, giving you a profit.
  2. List that item on eBay
  3. Get paid directly when an item sells
  4. Place an order on Amazon for that item (IMPORTANT: Use the buyer’s address and select the GIFT option so no receipt or invoice is sent with the order)
  5. Repeat over and over again, with lots of different products

That’s it – the entire process.

No inventory and you get paid before having to spend any money on products.

It’s so simple a stay-at-home parent could do it in their (very limited) spare time.

So no excuses, fire up your ASINspector Pro, get searching, and start profiting… TODAY.

To your success,

Lowell Rempel

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